Welsh & Recker is Philadelphia's premier boutique criminal defense law firm. Our practice reflects the broad sweep of priorities among federal, state and local prosecutors, including investigations and prosecutions of criminal antitrust matters, bank, tax, securities and healthcare fraud, public corruption, money laundering, RICO violations, environmental crime, and trade and export violations. Our clients are individuals, foreign and domestic corporations and other entities facing scrutiny from a wide range of law enforcement and regulatory bodies including congressional and investigative committees.

The hallmark of our practice is our reputation for successful defense at trial. We have the skills, resources and depth to translate even the most complicated issues of business, science and other fields into compelling arguments that successfully persuade juries and judges. Though our goal is to avoid trial, often the best means of accomplishing a non-trial resolution is a demonstrated willingness and ability to go to trial.

Rarely does a client face a single investigation or prosecution; most criminal investigations and prosecutions involve parallel civil cases, government civil enforcement and licensure or debarment proceedings. Sensitivity to competing concerns raised by such parallel proceedings is critical in a business setting and can only be achieved through the kind of experience Welsh & Recker has developed.

Our respected reputation in court serves our clients equally well when the goal is succeeding before trial. We understand that the best outcomes avoid the expense, public attention and collateral consequences entailed by a trial. The combination of strengths resulting from our respected reputation and years of specialized experience gives our clients every advantage.